Alojzy in bronze Print

August 25, after four navigation tasks, one economicy task and six rouds of precision landing, the 11th World Microlight Championships which took place in Czech Republic, have come to an end. Alojzy Dernbach, who was flying a Jazz Sport trike, was as usually best among Polish pilots and placed third winning the bronze WMC medal in RWL1 (single-seated trikes) category. 

Most medals - five: three gold (one of which won by Paul Dewhurst and Francis Welsh flying a SkyRanger), one silver and one bronze, went to the British team. Nevertheless Czech team won the overall gold medal (with one gold, one silver and one bronze medal), due to the point calculating system which, as in previous years, favours countries with most contestants. Poland placed fourth.

In the picture: Alojzy and his  Fédération Aéronautique International ( World Air Sports Federation) bronze medal.

Alojzy Dernbach 


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