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The 2007 World Microlight Championships will take place 18-25.08.2007 in Usti nad Orlici in Czech Republic. 

Current World Champion in single-seated trikes category - Alojzy Dernbach is already there and will be competing to uphold his title. His "letadlo" (aircraft in Czech) is the Jazz Sport flexwing trike. There will be two Polish pilots competing in WRL1 category, three teams in WRL2 and one in RAL2. What's worth noticing, there will be as many as 4 SkyRangers competing in RAL2 (twin-seated aircrafts) category. The official website of the Championships www.wmc2007.info offers you the latest news form the event.

In the picture: Alojzy Dernbach standing by his trike just one day before his departure to Usti.

Alojzy Dernbach preparing the Jazz 2000 Sport trike 


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