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The "Kompol" Polymeric Composites Experimental Division of Materials Science Institute was founded in 1978, on Warsaw University of Technology. The division was researching properties of composite materials and was developing best ways to use them. In 1984 the Academic Construction Centre (AOK) was founded as a part of Kompol by a group of people involved in the Academic Hanggliding Club (AKL). AOK was actively developing ultralight flying constructions. The head of the development team was Mirosław Rodzewicz, who was yet to become the president of the Hanggliding Comittee of the Polish Aeroclub (later Microlight Comittee of the Polish Aeroclub). The first members of AOK were (among others) Alojzy Dernbach and Grzegorz Rycaj later joined by Tomasz Królikowski and Mirosław Grzyb. The Academic Construction Centre did research concerning  hangglider and flexwing trike durability and professionally manufactured flexwing trikes.

 In 1993  "Kompol" Polymeric Composites Experimental Division was turned into Kompol S.C. The founders were: Alojzy Dernbach, Mirosław Grzyb, Tomasz Królikowski and Grzegorz Rycaj.

 In 2002 the company moved from Warsaw to Chmielewo by Nasielsk.

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