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Trike flight training consists of the theoretical and the practical part.

training trike
training trike

The  theoretical training (about 10 lectures) takes place in groups of less than 10 people in Warszawa or in the company's premises in Chmielewo.

The practical training is carried out by instructors with years of experience: Alojzy Dernbach and Tomasz Królikowski, on Chmielewo airfield or (in case of a bigger student group) elswhere on a spot capable of serving as an airstrip. Trikes used in training are equipped with twin throttle and steering pedals as well as additional handlebars attatched to the steering triangle. This way the instructor sitting in the passenger seat can fully control the flight. Intercom makes it a lot easier to communicate while airborne.  

The Kompol flight school has the compulsory certificate granted by the president of the Civil Aviation Agency (ULC) and is proud to admit to having most students entering for the trike pilot qualifications diploma and so far 100% passing rate(!). 


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