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Alojzy "alek" DernbachAlojzy Dernbach –– owner of the most competition titles among Polish trike pilots. At the beginning of his career he flew hanggliders. In 1992 he won the gold medal at the Polish Microlight Championships in single-seated trikes category. Since then he participated 11 times in this category and won each time. Additionally in 2004, together with Stanisław Piotrowski, he came first in two-seated  trikes.

International achievements:
- 1999 r.  - vice-championship of the world
- 2001 r.  - vice-championship of the world
- 2005 r. - world championship
- 2007 r. - second vice-championship of the world
- 2009 r. - world championship

He won all the titles flying trikes produced by Kompol. In 2005 together with Krzysztof Jurkiewicz he won the gold medal at Polish Microlight Championships in ultralight aircrafts category flying SkyRanger aircraft.

Flexwing trike instructor since 1987, flexwing trike theoretical and practical knowledge examiner approved by the Civil Aviation Agency (ULC), ultralight aircraft instructor

 Mirosław "Mirek" Grzyb
Mirosław Grzyb - in charge of composite materials division since 1987.











Tomasz "Tomek" KrólikowskiTomasz Królikowski  - together with Joanna Królikowska won three gold medals at Polish Microlight Championships in twin-seated trikes category. 

International achievements:

- 2000 r. – vice-championship of the Europe.
- 2002 r. – third place at Eurpe Championships.

He won all the titles flying trikes produced by Kompol.

He designed the Blues, Blues Plus and Jazz undercarriages. Flexwing trikes instructior since 1987, ultralight aircraft instructor.



Grzegorz "Grzesiek" RycajGrzegorz Rycaj - Started hanggliding in mid 70s, designed all Stratus wings.


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