Jazz 2000 flexwing trike, main assemblies and equipment - price list Print

 All prices without tax.

 trike - basic option*
 12000 zł
 main inspection - trike
 1300 zł
basic flight instruments set - the price depends on the selected instruments ---
aerodynamic covers for the trike 850 zł
front fairing for the trike
 800 zł
wheel fairings
 900 zł
front wheel damper
400 zł
trike cover (light) 400 zł
mounting the engine and wiring system - Rotax 912
3000 zł
12 V battery 250 zł
3 blade composite propeller, ground adjustable pitch
2700 zł
twin steering system (wing and trike) 1850 zł
strobe light, single700 zł
saddlebags (2x50 l)
800 zł
ski with attachment straps, 3 pc. 2900 zł
plotting and sticking the registration number onto the wing350 zł


* trike in the basic version without the engine and engine montage doesn't include:
   flight instruments, aerodynamic covers and fairings.

Stratus P-15 M7A and Stratus P-17 wing sail colours combination. Three standard variants, link below. Custom sail design is available for additional cost. The real colours could be slightly different from your PC display. Please use colours as basic.

p15 m7a colours

p17 colours

Above prices are in force since 25.10.2016

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